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Charity Formations

· How to set up your charity

· Choosing the right type of constitution

· Preparing the content of your constitution

· Preparing the online application form for registration with the Charity Commission

· Assistance in responding to the Charity Commission’s questions

· Advice on initial internal structures and other start up issues

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Independent Examinations

Charities with a gross income of more than £25,000 in any accounting year, but below the statutory audit threshold, (normally £1 millon gross income p.a.) are required to have their annual accounts 'independently examined’. There are strict regulations issued by the Charity Commission on who can carry out an independent examination and how they must be conducted.

I was one of the first full members of the Association of Independent Examiners (ACIE), gaining the full FCIE qualification (Fellow of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners) and now have over 20 years of experience of carrying out independent examinations (I.E.s)

I am qualified to carry out I.E.s at all levels of income, on receipts and payments accounts, accruals accounts and full charitable company accounts prepared under the Companies Act.

Independent examinations can usually be undertaken for a fixed quote. If assistance with the preparation of the financial statements is also required (see below) this will be based on my hourly charge rate, with an estimate of the total provided in advance.

I shall make the process as simple, hassle free and cost effective for your charity as possible.

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Charity Annual Accounting and Reporting

Preparing statutory financial statements (the annual accounts)

I can prepare your annual accounts from your accounting records, whether you require simple Receipts and Payments accounts, or full Accruals accounts as a larger charity or charitable company.

They will be in an appropriate format, tailor-made to your charity, in consultation with yourselves, and fully compliant with all current legislation and best practice, including the Charity Commission Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP), Financial Reporting Standards and, if applicable, the Companies Acts.

Trustees' annual reports

Trustees’ annual  reports should ‘tell the story’ of your charity, and are a valuable and important publicity tool. They are readily available to anyone on the Charity Commission website and so need to make a good impression, as well as being technically compliant.

I can advise on their content, including public benefit reporting, the required policies and disclosures; and ensurethat they are fully compliant with the Charities Acts, Charity Commission Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP), and, if applicable, the Companies Acts.

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 Charity Governance

· Advice on Governance requirements – legal and best practice

· Risk management - developing a useful policy tailored to your own charity

· Advice on sound internal controls and financial management

· Reviewing your charity’s governance structure and arrangements.

· Reserves policies - identifying a valid and sound policy appropriate to your charity

· Conversion to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)  or Charitable Company

· Changing your Objects

· Changing your constitution

· Charity mergers

· Charity dissolution

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